Monday, 2 November 2009


'It's somewhere around there,' said Norman and he pointed with his trunk at the entire document·

Bertha held the contract a little closer and carefully examined it.

'Oh yes!' she said at last, 'I see what you mean, that is a very long contract!' and she pointed at the relevant part for Captain Bill and Norma to see.

'Two hundred and thirty seven years!' mooed Captain Bill.

'Mmmmm!' said Norman. 'But it does have a very good pension plan.'

'Of course it would!' replied Captain Bill. 'Paying in for that long...I wouldn't be surprised if you got to keep the whole island!'

'Oh that would be nice!' said Norman, but Norma explained that Captain Bill was being a bit sarcastic.

'But why didn't you read the small print before signing it?' asked Bertha.

'It's not easy reading the small print when you're this big,' replied Norman, 'actually it's not easy reading any print when you're this big, it's all so far away!'

'Well,' said Captain Bill, 'I have to say, they really saw you coming!'

'I'm an elephant,' replied Norman, 'everybody sees me coming!'

'The question is,' said Bertha, 'what do we do now?'

And on that matter everybody had a good think.


Anonymous said...

237 years?? is norman employed by the Home Office or summat?!

[lmao @ annie and geraldine]

baahar said...

lol at "but it does have a very good pension plan" :)