Wednesday, 4 November 2009


'But it just seems to be a totally bizarre plan that'll involve the complete humiliation of several members of the group!' said Captain Bill.

'Nonsense!' replied Bertha.

'I will admit,' said Norma, 'that the juggling flamingos were a step too far, but we've got rid of them now.'

'Well go over it once more then,' said Captain Bill.

So that's what Norma and Bertha did.

'Right,' began Norma, 'Bertha, Annie and myself, with Geraldine, will get Norman out of the rear exit and will then make our way back over the very tall thing to the Pickled Heifer. To help to distract the staff at the crucial moment Horace will give a poetry reading on the front lawn.'

'Norma thinks there's a very high chance that there'll be a conference of publishers staying in the hotel by then,' added Horace enthusiastically.

'Reeeeeaaaaaallllyyy?' said Captain Bill and just for a moment a glance was exchanged between himself and Norma which resulted in Norma going a strange shade of pink.

'But,' continued Bertha, 'it is vital that nobody notices that Norman has gone for at least a couple of hours, which is where you and Cyril come in.'

'And after that you can both meet up with Horace and all make your way down to the beach and pick up the pleasure boat and travel around on that to meet us,' said Norma.

'How much more simple could you want?' asked Bertha.

'Any chance of getting the juggling flamingos back?' asked Captain Bill.

And Norma and Bertha both hit him!


Anonymous said...

ah. a plan so cunning you could stick a trunk on it and call it an elephant!!

*lmao at the tennis ball*

baahar said...

lol at the "possible trifle mine" :)