Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Huddled close together, Norma, Bertha and Captain Bill had been having a bit of a chat. So far, to nobodies great surprise, not much had been accomplished

'You're not really suggesting that we just go back without him are you?' asked Norma.

'Well he seems quite happy here,' replied Captain Bill, 'he's got a steady job after all.

'But what would we tell Queen Phoebe?' said Bertha.

'Hmm, good point' conceded Captain Bill, 'well we'd never be able to go home, we'd have to spend the rest of our lives sailing the wild oceans, hoping that we never bumped into her. That would take all the guile and cunning of a clever and resourceful, first class Captain.'

And for a while nobody said anything.

'My legal advisor says I've got a very good case if I can just get the fees together,' trumpeted Norman after a couple of minutes.

'Would that be Cyril?' asked Norma.

'Judge Cyril, ' corrected Norman.

'I suppose we could let him have a go,' said Norma, 'he does know an awful lot about legal matters.'

'No, no, no!' replied Captain Bill, 'that's the last thing we need. What we want is a nice simple idea, that's clear and straightforward...and simple...uncomplicated and easy to carry out...and simple... and under no circumstances ends up with some sort of totally bizarre situation that involves the complete humiliation of any member of the group.'

And that's when Norma had an idea!


Fernanda said...

You are very talented :) Great work! So fun!


Steven Allender said...

thank you...please tell everybody! : )

ingermaaike said...

Oh what will they think of now??

californiablue said...

Love it! Very creative blog - found you on Etsy forums :)

- Melissa