Saturday, 12 December 2009

and this is the present problem!

'Hello!' said Norma.

'Oh, hello!' replied Captain Bill.

'Have you found anything yet?' asked Norma, who seemed to be carrying a VERY large satchel.

'Not really,' replied Captain Bill,'you know there isn't a single stall selling Christmas rope!'

'That's a shame,' said Norma, 'but I thought the idea was really about buying Christmas presents for the others. I've managed to pick up a couple of bits so far. I got little note book for Horace and some soap for Annie in the shape of a string quartet!'

'Excellent!' said Captain Bill.

'So have you got anything yet for Bertha?' asked Norma and Captain Bill looked particularly troubled.

'There was a chisel sharpening set a couple of stalls back,' he replied.

'That's not very feminine,' said Norma.

'Well she does sculpture!' replied Captain Bill,'they'd be useful! Anyway, what do you buy the woman who criticises everything?'

'Oh that's a bit unkind!' said Norma,'how about some horn rings or a nice necklace? I'll help you choose.'

So Norma chose and Captain Bill spent more than he intended.


Anonymous said...

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...all sold out of horn rings though, sorry! xx

Steven Allender said...

*makes note of simply brilliant offer*

Boo's Jewellery said...

Ooh, horn rings, just the thing for M-I-L - shame you're sold out Maisy.