Monday, 7 December 2009

the art of collective decision making

'Well it's too late now anyway,' said Bertha,'I've said we will!'

'But you had no right to do that!' mooed Captain Bill,' know I like to be at home at Christmas!'

'Oh, I don't think it'll hurt for 1 year,' said Norma,'and I do think that Queen Phoebe was feeling a bit guilty about all the trouble that she put us to.'

Captain Bill stared at Norma.

'Well as close as she gets to feeling guilty!' added Norma.

'And it'll be nice to be around some other people who actually enjoy Christmas,' said Bertha.

'I enjoy it!' replied Captain Bill,'perhaps not in an outward showy way, but I'm happy on the inside!'

And Bertha and Norma said nothing.

'Anyway,' continued Captain Bill,'I can't see that it'll be any different being here!'

'But there's going to be a party!' said Norma.

'And before that there's a Christmas fair opening at the weekend!' said Bertha.

'So that'll mean shopping I suppose?' suggested Captain Bill.

'Possibly!' replied Norma and Bertha together.

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