Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Elf and safety

'I am not,' said Captain Bill, 'going to a party with someone dressed like that!'

'You're just picking on me because I've got wonky horns!' mooed Annie.

'No,' replied Captain Bill, 'I'm picking on you because you've got a Christmas tree balanced on your head!'

'Well I think it's a very commendable effort,' said Bertha, much to everyone's surprise.

'But it could fall on someone!' said Captain Bill, 'I can see the headline now, 'King killed by bizarre Christmas tree hat, see pages 2-573'. Just think what Queen Phoebe would have to say about that!'

'Oh, that's not going to happen!' said Norma, '...Annie can't move fast enough for it to fall over...and the presents we've sown onto her costume will help to weigh her down!'

'So you'll have to reserve the slow dance for her,' added Bertha.

'If you think....!' said Captain Bill.

But he didn't bother to finish what he was saying.

'Right, come on then,' said Norma, 'it's PARTY TIME! Although there is just one more thing to do before we go...'

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