Monday, 21 December 2009

Fancy That!

'I feel ridiculous!'said Captain Bill.

'Look,' replied Bertha,'as Cyril already has a Santa costume it makes sense for all of us to go as his Elves!'

'Well I just find the whole thing humiliating!' mooed Captain Bill.

'But it's a fancy dress party!' said Norma, 'you're supposed to go as something that you're not.'

'You could always go as a brave sea captain!' called out Cyril, but everybody ignored him.

'It's a nice costume anyway,' added Bertha, 'perhaps a little tight, but we can let them out a bit.'

'Then you'll look alllllll Christmassy!' said Norma with a big smile.

Captain Bill looked at Norma.

'Have you been drinking?' he asked.

'I may have had a small clover brandy,' replied Norma,'just to keep the cold out!'

Captain Bill sighed heavily.

'OK,' he said let's get on with it!'

And with that he turned to walk away and immediately fell over Geraldine.

'Oh, poor thing!' giggled Norma, 'she seems to have become an elf hazard!'

'If anything else happens!' warned Captain Bill.

And nobody mentioned Annie's costume.


Anonymous said...

*waits to see what annie is wearing...*

baahar said...

hilarious :)

Myfanwy said...

Love it