Wednesday, 16 December 2009

free the cheese grating two!

'Well they've not actually arrested them!' said Norma and Captain Bill just looked up into the sky.

'Free the oppressed!' mooed Annie.

'You are free!' replied Captain Bill.

'Oh! That was quick!' said Annie,'would you like a song?'

But Captain Bill said he wouldn't.

'I think it's just that Queen Phoebe's not too keen on buskers,' continued Norma, 'she worries about how the press will respond!'

'We'd just got to the second verse of 'Good King Wensleydale' when the rozzers collared us!' said Annie,'...and they had pointy sticks!' she added.

'Of course it wasn't Annie and Geraldine's idea!' said Norma.

'CYRIL!' mooed Captain Bill.

'So I was just wondering if you could lend a hoof for 10 minute to try to help me find him?' asked Norma,'I've looked in most of the obvious places already!'

And Captain Bill said he would, so he and Norma, closely followed by Annie and Geraldine set off to find Cyril.

'Would you like to hear our version of 'O Little Town Of Emmental'?' asked Annie.

But Captain Bill didn't bother to reply.

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ha ha ha ha ha ha, brilliant! :0)