Saturday, 19 December 2009

Gently moving towards Christmas

'Well I think it's all turned out rather nicely!' said Norma.

'Hmm!' said Captain Bill.

'Of course there's still time for a last minute bargain or two at the fair,' added Bertha.

'Actually, I've done all my shopping,' replied Captain Bill. 'All I want now is a nice gentle move towards Christmas itself without any more hustle and bustle....or excitement....or parties......especially not loud parties...there's going to be a party isn't there!'

'It's King Otto's Grand Christmas Party!' said Norma,'we have to go!'

'Queen Phoebe said it was up to each person to decide for themselves if they wanted to go...or would prefer to sit in a dungeon instead!' said Bertha.

And for a brief moment Captain Bill considered which one he would prefer.

'OK!' he said at last, 'party time it is...I suppose I'll have to just put up with it...just as long as it's not fancy dress!'

'It's fancy dress isn't it?'

And Norma and Bertha confirmed that it was!

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