Wednesday, 2 December 2009

here an Island, there an Island.

Morning everybody, Bertha here, have you brushed your horns yet today?

Now as you may be aware our glorious leader is having a bit of a nothing new there then! Just because we might have to cut back on the nibbles for a day or two. By the way, the latest news from Norma is that we're going straight from 3rd dinner to 4th evening nibbles.

Now I can't help feeling that if we were to combine all of this with a bit of jogging around the deck, we'd all be much the better for it.

So Captain Bill has asked me to keep a lookout for any little islands where we might be able to get some supplies.

Is that one over there?

Hmmmm, no! I don't like the look of sail on.

And what about that one on the horizon?

Maybe not...I just don't like the shape of it.

Oh dear, this could take forever.

Have fun!


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