Friday, 4 December 2009

Make way please!

'Of course,' puffed Captain Bill,'this is very much as I expected!'

'What,' replied Bertha,'that after less than 1 week at sea and with us being down to our last 178 fruit cakes, I would spot King Otto's Island and that as soon as we landed, we would be waved through customs and be given an armed escort through crowd lined fields to an audience with Queen Phoebe who is desperately awaiting our arrival and Norman's in particular?'

'Well perhaps not in that much detail,' conceded Captain Bill,'...but it was obvious that time was of the essence!'

'Is that why you decided to take such a direct route into the harbour?' asked Norma, who was just behind Captain Bill and Bertha.

'Errrrrrmmmmm, possibly?' replied Captain Bill,' I do think it would be best not to mention that to anyone though and I could have sworn that's where the entrance used to be!'

And with that the Cows and Norman and Geraldine, who was being given a lift by Norman jogged on. At either side of them rows and rows of people cheeered them on, while Palace guards made sure that nothing stopped their hurried progress.

'Well one things for sure,' called out Captain Bill,'whatever Queen Phoebe wanted Norman for it must be of vital importance!'

And on that everyone agreed.

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SleightGirl said...

Captain Bill is just too cute!