Friday, 11 December 2009

Open for business!

'Is it open yet?' asked Annie.

'Not quite,' said Norma.

'Now?' asked Annie.

'Nearly,' said Norma.

'Now?' asked Annie.

And Norma was just about to reply when Queen Phoebe got to her feet and spoke.

'Right, are we all 'ere?' she asked.

And everyone who was there said they were.

'Jolly good!' said Queen Phoebe with a smile. 'Now we are 'ere so my hubbie, King Otto, this is 'im, aint he lovely, retorical my hubbie can open up the KING OTTO, just needed to emphasis that point, Grand Christmas Handmade Don't Forget To Leave Him A Prezzie Type Fair. You are of course, free to have a shufti and part yourselves from the folding and if anyone asks what you think of it, say nice things because you never know if it's the press what you're talking to and they'll take any opportunity to tuck us up like a kipper, right get on with it!'

And without waiting for King Otto to cut the ribbon, Queen Phoebe hoisted up her robe and ran towards the nearest stalls.

'Now?' asked Annie.

'Now!' said Norma.


maisy said...

see, that's what i love about queen pheebs: doesn't mince words, speaks her mind... you always know where you stand! top girl :)

baahar said...

love the rhetorical question :)

and the dackel balloon :)