Thursday, 17 December 2009

Santa Cyril

'Ooooooh! I hate it when he does that!' moaned Captain Bill.

'I think it's rather sweet,' replied Norma.

'If he thinks he can do what he likes during the rest of the year and then make up for it by buying up loads of presents and giving them out to small children....!'

'....then he's a very good judge of my character at least!' said Norma.

So for a while Captain Bill and Norma stood and watched as Santa Cyril gave out presents to anyone who wanted them.

'Are we sure it's not just a tax dodge?' asked Captain Bill.

'Positive!' replied Norma,'Cyril doesn't dodge tax, he stampedes straight through it. He's only used the money that Annie and Geraldine made from their busking and I've got a very strong feeling that both of them knew exactly what they were doing!'

'Makes a change!' said Captain Bill.

'And Queen Phoebe's happy because she thinks that she can get the press to run a little article and King Otto will get the credit.'

'OK!' said Captain Bill rather wearily,'everybodies a winner!'

And with that he and Norma turned and walked back towards the fair.

'So what's next?' asked Captain Bill.

'Horace has got a new work to read!' said Norma

And Captain Bill said he'd look forward to hearing it!

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