Tuesday, 1 December 2009

when is a cake not a cake?

'What,' asked Captain Bill,'is that?'

'It's a cake!' replied Norma.

Captain Bill peered very closely at it.

'Wellllllllllll possibly!' he said,'who's it for?'

'It's yours,' replied Norma.

'Why?' asked Captain Bill.

'It's for your 11th mid morning, pre lunch snackette,' replied Norma,'I've had to make it a bit smaller than normal.'

'So I see!' said Captain Bill.

'It's because of Norman,' said Norma,'it's very nice having him aboard but he does seem to eat rather a lot.......and I've had to cancel 3rd afternoon tea as well.'

Captain Bill looked at Norma.

'But that means there'll be nothing between 2nd afternoon tea and 1st pre dinner nibbles! That's a whole 45 minutes!' he exclaimed.

'Sorry,' replied Norma,'it's just I've already used up most of the baking supplies. Don't forget we've been at sea for 4 days now. I may have to cut back even more if we don't find land soon. Norman's eating almost as much as Cyril and with the 2 of them combined!'

'Right!' said Captain Bill and he looked very ashen faced.

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lovely drawing :)