Wednesday, 6 January 2010


'GONE TO THE SALES!' shouted Captain Bill.

'Yes,' replied Horace, 'they said they won't be long.'

'But!' said Captain Bill,'''s....but!'

'Norma said you'd understand,' added Horace, 'I think it's actually just Christmas presents that Queen Phoebe didn't really want, she selling them off cheaply.'

'Butwe'resupposedtobesailinghome!' mooed Captain Bill.

'Oh, I think they'll be quite happy to do that afterwards,' said Horace.

'Right, we'll see about this!' replied Captain Bill,'where are they?'

'Up near the castle,' said Horace.

'OK!,' said Captain Bill, 'you'd better come with me,'

'Oh, that's alright,' replied Horace, 'I've already had a good look around, I got some nice writing paper.'

'Wonderful!' said Captain Bill, 'how nice for you!'

'Oh, thank you!' replied Horace.

So Captain Bill went off by himself and Horace tried out his new paper.


Sarah Knight said...

: )

Tessa said...

Leaves cake out for Captain Bill for when he wanders back.