Thursday, 7 January 2010

Buy, buy, buy!

'What an earth is going on?' asked Captain Bill.

'Norma's buying something!' replied Bertha.

Captain Bill stared at the scene before him.

'It's worse than a rugby scrum!' he declared after a while, 'we've got a week into the new year and already it's all gone to pot!'

'It's only because somebody else wants the same item as well,' said Bertha.

'So I see,' replied Captain Bill,'they're big fellows as well! I wouldn't be surprised if they were a rugby team.'

'Norma'll win!' said Bertha confidently.

'What is it anyway?' asked Captain Bill and Bertha lent forward to get a better look.

'Could be a duvet,' she replied,' or curtains!'

'Scurtuns!' called out Norma.

'CURTAINS!' mooed Captain Bill,'but we don't have any windows!'

'But there are portholes on the ship,' replied Bertha.

'Brilliant!' said Captain Bill,' I can see the scene now, a 120 gun, 1st rater bearing down on us, me giving a rousing speech,"don't worry me hearties, they may be bigger, faster and stronger than us, but we've got some nice curtains on the portholes!".'

'We'll do your cabin first!' said Bertha.

'Are they lined?' asked Captain Bill.

And they were.

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