Saturday, 30 January 2010

digging deep!

The Cows were clearing the snow that had fallen onto Cow was rather a lot of the job wasn't going very quickly.

And to add to the delay two particular individuals were having a rather difficult conversation.

'No, no, no' said Cyril, 'it's a common mistake!'

'Really?' said Captain Bill.

'Oh yes,' replied Cyril, 'it's called an optical illusion.'

'Really?' said Captain Bill.

'Mmm,' said Cyril. 'You see because I'm so much bigger than you my shovel looks smaller, but actually they're exactly the same size!'

'Really?' said Captain Bill, who was quite getting to like the sound of the word.

'Absolutely!' said Cyril.

'I'd be willing to swap!' suggested Captain Bill.

'Sorry,' replied Cyril,'family wouldn't feel right!' and he wandered away.

Norma mentally added a couple of days to the job.

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baahar said...

optical illusion *lol*