Saturday, 16 January 2010

Drifting along...

'SEE,'shouted Captain Bill through the snow storm,'I said it would ease off!'

'But you can't see a single bit of the ship!' mooed Norma,'and look at the mast!'

'It's always had a bit of a curve in it,' replied Captain Bill,'it helps to catch the wind.'

'But Bertha will fall out at this rate!' said Norma.

'DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME!' shouted Bertha from the Cows Nest.

So Captain Bill didn't.

'Anyway,' he said,'you're all ignoring the most important point...we're still afloat!...that's better than a lot of previous occasions.'

And everyone was forced to concede that that was true.

'Right,' said Captain Bill,'better get on I suppose!'

'But there's nothing to do!' exclaimed Norma,'we can't steer or navigate or put on sail or take off sail...we can't do anything...IT'S ALL COVERED IN SNOW!'

And Captain Bill stopped and looked at Norma...because Norma didn't shout that often.

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