Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Goodbye Norman we must leave you!

Captain Bill, Norma, Annie, Bertha, Cyril and Horace and Geraldine stood quietly waiting in the snow. Eventually Captain Bill could wait no longer.

'So this is it is it?' he said, 'after everything that we've been through! Risking life and horn against...well quite a lot of things and you're the only one who's come to say goodbye!'

'Sorry,' replied Norman, 'I think Queen Phoebe's a bit busy at the moment...spot of bother with the press...and I can't stop for long, I've got to move all the snow before lunchtime.'

Everyone said how grateful they were for Norman sparing the time and wished him well with clearing the snow.

'Well thanks again for bringing me back,' said Norman,'and good luck and if you should meet any lady elephants on your travels!'

And Norma assured him that they would be the first to mention his name. So with that they all herded their way back down towards the Pickled Heifer and Norman waved to them...with his trunk.

'I like Mr Norman,' said Annie as they went along, 'he is an enormousphant!'

'Close enough,' said Captain Bill.

And everyone agreed that it was.

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BaldyLocks said...

Lovely drawings, I can actually feel the cold snow falling.