Wednesday, 13 January 2010

off we go!

The Pickled Heifer sat in King Otto's Harbour, a heavy snow falling onto her decks.

'Right,' said Captain Bill,'everything going OK?'

'I think so,' replied Horace.

'Have we hauled up the heavy thing?'

'Cyril's onboard,' replied Horace.

'Any sign of pirate ships?'

'127!' called down Bertha from the Cows Nest but Captain Bill ignored her.

'And have we spliced the main thing to the starboliarboliboard mizzan shank?'

'Possibly?' replied Horace.

'Excellent!' said Captain Bill,'which just leaves 1 question.'

'What's that?' asked Horace.

'Why aren't we going anywhere?'

'Erm,' said Norma, 'if I might suggest something.....the sails?'

'Oh honestly!' mooed Captain Bill,'can't you stop thinking about shopping for just 5 minutes?'

So Norma wandered off along the deck and Captain Bill was able to give his full attention to working out why the ship wasn't moving.

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Keith (Mindless Pursuits) said...

Your illustrations are always so cute! :)