Monday, 4 January 2010

Oh! Is that the time?

Norma decided that it would be best to talk to just one Captain Bill at a time and so she picked the middle one.

'Hello!' she said rather quietly.

'Ah!' replied Captain Bill,'at last!'

'Sorry?' said Norma.

'Nothing,' replied Captain Bill,'nothing at all....feeling OK are we?'

'Mmmm!' said Norma and she tried to move a little bit, but found that her legs were still tired from dancing.

'Enjoyed the party then?' asked Captain Bill.

And Norma said she had very much enjoyed the party.

'Didn't over indulge?' asked Captain Bill.

And Norma assured Captain Bill that she hadn't.

'It's a pity though,'she added,'there's all that build up to Christmas and then it's all over....still, there's New Year to look forward to!'

And Captain Bill held up a small newspaper for Norma to see and pointed at the date on it.

'Crikey!' said Norma.

'Crikey indeed!' mooed Captain Bill and then herded off in a huff.


baahar said...

Woot !! Finally they are back :)

Sherry said...

morning! actually it feels pretty darn good to start the new year, doesn't it? love the illustrations.

Dig The Earth said...

Well done for being on the front page of Etsy yesterday! :)