Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Tough Love...A vital management tool

Morning all, Captain Bill here.

I blame myself you know!

Seriously, I'm just too easy going. I guess I'm just the sort of Captain who thinks that the crew (Norma, maybe Bertha, let's be honest that's about it really) can be left to look after themselves.

I was wrong!

We could have been half way home by now! Here I am ready to get going and there's them trying to work out where the middle of last week went!

As it is there would seem to be little chance of splicing a main...sail... deck, mizzen mast thingy before tomorrow morning.

So this year it's going to be different! This year I'm afraid I'm going to have to wave the iron horn of discipline*. No more parties, no more shopping, no more...whatever else it is they get up to! This year I shall use all the knowledge and experience that I gained from Captain School to meld them into a top notch crew!

Thank you

Captain Bill

*Just a figure of speech.

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