Friday, 8 January 2010

waiting....a new work by horace


So the year has moved along
And the hands have ticked their way
Through the days and weeks and months
And still I wait for you to say
But you haven't said a thing
But I want to make it clear
That I'm the fool who'll wait my dear
For yet another year
And sometimes when you catch my eye
There is a look I can't deny
And I think you want to hear
The words which form but disappear
And because of that my dear
You are the fool who'll wait another year
And so we stumble on through time
Pretending that the world is fine
So we're the fools
Who'll wait another year my dear
We are the fools
Who'll wait another year

Thank you


1 comment:

siansburys said...

Form those words Horace. FORM THEM!
*cracks whip*