Monday, 25 January 2010's good for you!

Morning all, Bertha here, we've been walking in the snow!

I think these situations need to met head on.

Really, if you've got to do something it's best to get on with it and rise to the challenge. Being at the front means that you get to decide which route everyone will follow and that has allowed me to pick quite a difficult path. I've been able to take us through some very deep snow which has proved to be really testing!

I can hear Captain Bill's breathing from a considerable distance!

I'm sure it's doing him some good! : )

And if it isn't it's giving me a laugh!

Right, once more around the top...and then maybe I'll take us off towards the little hut thing!

Have fun!



Anonymous said...


Bertha, that's just MEAN!!!

Victoria said...

This blog is awesome!! I'm so glad I found it. :o)

Mary said...

as always, your blog is a breath of fresh air ;-)

Chicalookate said...

I love the pink hat and scarf! Polka Dots make me happy. Thanks for the laugh.