Monday, 11 January 2010

Where to put things?

'But,' said Captain Bill, 'but there's much of it!'

'Oh, it's just a few bags,' replied Norma, who gave a little smile.

'But you can't even get to the steery thingy!' mooed Captain Bill.

'The wheel!' said Norma.

'That as well!' replied Captain Bill, 'can't you put it all in your cabin?'

And Norma went a little pink.

'You've filled your entire cabin!' said Captain Bill.

'I'd prefer to say that I've explored all of the storage situations,' replied Norma.

'So you just want to leave them on deck?' said Captain Bill.

'I'll put them in a corner,' offered Norma.

'Hmm!' said Captain Bill,' anyway, is there anything else to do before we leave?'

'Well if you're sure you want to go?' replied Norma, 'only the weather doesn't look too good.'

But Captain Bill was very sure.

'Well we just need to say a few 'goodbyes'then' replied Norma.

So that's what they went to do.

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