Wednesday, 10 February 2010

All wrapped up!

'I got to her just in time!' said Norma.

'Well done,' said Captain Bill.

'Luckily,' replied Norma,' Geraldine realised the danger and managed to distract her by miming the arias from several romantic, yet tragic, light operettas!'

'Top Penguin!' mooed Captain Bill. 'So most of this would be...?'

'Cotton wool,' replied Norma,'although there's a couple of thick blankets underneath as well and I've searched her for concealed trombones and the kettle drum tree won't blossom until the end of next month so we should be in the clear!'

'Excellent!' said Captain Bill,'although you made that last bit up didn't you?'

And Norma confessed that she had.

'Right,'said Captain Bill,'so that's everything sorted then!'

'Well apart from the huge tower of dangerously unstable water that we're standing next to,' replied Norma.

'Oh yes!' said Captain Bill,'I'd forgotten about that!'

But luckily Bertha had had an idea!

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