Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Anyone seen our Captain?

'Well he should be here!' mooed Bertha, who was clearly not very happy.

'I know,' replied Norma,'but I can't seem to find him anywhere!'

'Typical!' said Bertha,'he wants to be in charge and then, as soon as there's a bit of work to do, he goes and hides himself away!'

'Hmmm,' said Norma,'but he had been helping. He was here one minute and then he wasn't.'

'But he can't expect all of us to clear the snow for him!' said Bertha.

'Oh, quite right,' replied Norma,'although I am a bit worried that he might not be feeling very well.'

'Why's that?' asked Bertha.

'Well,' replied Norma,'I was talking to Cyril and he said, the last time he saw him, he looked a bit under the weather!'

And with that Norma and Bertha got back to work.