Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Big idea!

'So that's it,'said Captain Bill,'that's the big idea?'

'Yes!' replied Bertha.

'A spoon!' said Captain Bill,'you want to dispose of a giant cube of wobbly water using a spoon!'

'I think it's quite a clever idea,' said Norma.

'It's just an experiment,' mooed Bertha, 'we need to be very careful how we go about this.'

'But it'll take forever!' replied Captain Bill.

'I suppose if it works we could have a spoon each?' suggested Norma and Bertha agreed that they could.

'But doesn't anyone else have a better idea?' asked Captain Bill.

'Erm!' said Horace,'I...I could write a poem about it...if you like?'

'Spoons it is then!' said Captain Bill.

'Right,' said Bertha,'now all we need is a volunteer!'

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