Thursday, 18 February 2010

Good cow, bad cow!

'Is that the one?' asked Captain Bill.

'Well I don't know!' replied Norma.

'Hmm,' muttered Captain Bill,'I don't think it's orange enough. Have you searched it?'

'I've only just got it in the net!' replied Norma,'really all I want to do is get them out before Bertha starts pumping!'

'Still,' said Captain Bill,'it would seem like too good an opportunity to miss. I mean it must be one of them.'

Norma flipped the fish out of the net and into the barrel and then looked at Captain Bill.

'Do you really think it's worth it?' she asked,'it was only a spoon!'

'Worth it?' mooed Captain Bill,'worth it!' he repeated. 'That's typical! You don't realise the impact it can have. I could easily have been traumatised!'

'By a fish?' asked Norma.

'It's possible!' replied Captain Bill,'now what about the one on the left, with the squint. A, jailfishbird,fish jailbird if ever I saw one....anyway get it in the net and I'll have a look!'

So Norma went back to catching the fish and Captain Bill wondered if it might be possible to organise a proper trial.

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