Monday, 22 February 2010

It's a wrap!


It's me, Annie!

Now as you may know...actually you may not know, but if you read down a couple of blogs all will be explained...I'll wait for a bit while you go and have a look.

Tum de dum de dooooooooooo!

Have you done?

Right, now as you know, Norma (my best friend) has decided to take off the cotton wool that I'm wrapped up in.


While I've been like this I have been able to have 17.4297 thinks. Most of them were about whether the stars are just very distant trifles, but I've also had a least 1 thunk about my present condition.

And I like it....for several reasons!

1. I can't see that much and as someone who finds the real world a pretty frightening place this is a clear advantage.

2. It's nice and warm and you can fall asleep whenever you like...result!

3. If you fall over you don't hurt yourself...I try not to fall over but it happens!

4. Nobody expects you to do anything.

So I've decided to stay wrapped up and I would strongly encourage all of you to do the same. Not only will we all be better off but we will also be providing valuabubble work for all of the people who work in the cotton wool mines.

Right, that is all, hugs and things.


VERY tired now!


Hali said...

sleepy time

Ryan said...

Saw your strip on - it's great!