Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Lost and Found!

'Of course it was deliberate!' exclaimed Captain Bill.

'Oh, I'm not sure,' replied Norma, 'I think this time I'm willing to give Cyril the benefit of the doubt.'

'But he swept whacking great big piles of snow straight on top of me!' said Captain Bill,'.........17 times!'

'Well he was just being thorough,' replied Norma,'you can't criticize him for not helping and then criticize him when he does.'

'And he jumped up and down on it when he finished!' added Captain Bill,'I'm sure I could hear him laughing.'

'Well you were the one who took his shovel away and insisted that he swept up.' replied Norma,'besides we found you in the end.'

'Only thanks to Geraldine!' said Captain Bill,'if you ask me it's come to something when the most reliable member of me crew's a penguin!'

And with that Captain Bill turned and herded off into the distance.

'Thanks for helping!' muttered Norma as he left.

1 comment:

TJ Lubrano said...

Some really cool illustrations you've got going on here! I really like it!! The lightness and softness of the illustrations are very nice ^_^

Aah don't like sheeps huh...I was thinking to create some illustrations...with sheeps o_o.

Take care!