Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Making notes!


Annie here, how are you? Are you well?

Now isn't strange what one can find in the middle of an empty field! I'd never really considered playing an organ before but this seems too good an opportunible to miss!

Actually, before I start, I have to say that I've been giving some thought as to which note to play first and I'm a bit disappointed. It turns out that notes have names like A and B....what sort of limited imagination does that show!

I mean if you were a note and you'd spent all that time waiting around to be played so that you could know what your name was and then it turns out to be A...I'd be asking for my money back and possibly expecting a big cream cake as compensation.

Soooooooooooooo I've decided that the first note that I will play will be called Lionel...

...not sure what I'll call the second one...feel free to make suggestions.

Right, on we go, wish me luck!


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