Friday, 26 February 2010


'Well almost finished!' said Norma cheerily.

'Yes, I suppose so,' replied Captain Bill. 'Tell me, have, have you noticed that it's getting a bit muddy?'

'I suppose it's bound to,' replied Norma,' it's had been rather wet for a while.'

'True,' replied Captain Bill.

'I mean,' said Norma,'first it was snow and then it was water, I suppose we should have expected it.'

'Hmmm,' replied Captain Bill,'I suppose so, still at least I've managed not to get any on me.'

And Norma wondered what would be for the best and ended up saying nothing.

'Do you,' said Captain Bill,'do you think I should call a meeting and thank everybody for their help? Would it be a Captainy thing to do.'

'Oh yes!' replied Norma,'although Cyril only helped for a few minutes....and Annie didn't help because of being wrapped up in cotton wool....and I've not seen Horace for simply ages...but it would be a Captainy sort of thing to do.'

So Captain Bill decided that that was what he would do.

Despite everything.


Sarah Knight said...

: )

Jennifer said...

Love these illustrations and the story. Sometimes it is really important to do the Captainy thing :)