Saturday, 27 February 2010

one job done.

'Well I'm sure she'll be along in a minute,' said Bertha.

'I have to say it's most unlike her to miss a meeting,' replied Captain Bill,'only I can't wait much longer you know, I'm a busy man.'

So Captain Bill got started.

'I just wanted,' he began ,'to call you all here this morning, to announce that the huge tower of dangerously wobbly water has been dealt with and...

'Did you say dealt with?' asked Horace.

'Yes,' replied Captain Bill.

'I was supposed to be writing a poem about that!'

'Right,' said Captain Bill.

'Well do you still want me to?'

'Erm,' said Captain Bill,'.....up to you really!'

And Horace said he probably wouldn't.

'Anyway,'continued Captain Bill,'the...

'HUGE TOWER OF WOBBLY WATER!' mooed Annie in complete shock just before she fell over. 'It's OK,' she added,'I'm fine, carry on!'

'Anyone else?' asked Captain Bill, but there wasn't. 'So,' he went on,'we've at last proved that we can handle this sort of situation and can finally rid ourselves of the idea that we simply lurch from one ridiculous crisis to another!'

And at that point a very out of breath Norma arrived.

'Ithinkyoushouldcomeandlookatthepickledheiferit'sgoneallcurly,' she gasped.

'I hereby withdraw my previous statement,' said Captain Bill.

And they all went off to look at the Pickled Heifer.

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