Friday, 5 February 2010

A rumour of progress

'Is this really necessary?' asked Captain Bill.

'We though it was time for a meeting,' said Bertha.

'So we could let you know how things are progressing!' added Norma.

'Seeing as how you're not actually helping anymore!' said Bertha.

Captain Bill looked at Bertha.

'I have given myself a break,' he said,' because, as you very well know, I have suffered a traumatic experience!'

'Would you like another?' asked Bertha, but Norma quickly hurried the conversation along.

'We've done very well,' she said. 'We've completely cleared the pier and the surrounding fields.'

'Excellent!' replied Captain Bill.

'And a lot of the meadows are done as well!' Norma continued.

'So I can see!' said Captain Bill,'so it's all good news then?'

'Well,' said Norma,'it's more good news....and bad news!'

Captain Bill slowly nodded his head and took a deep breath.

'So what's the good news?' he asked.

'We've entirely cleared half the Island,' said Bertha.

'And the bad news?' asked Captain Bill.

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Amie McCracken said...

Where are they putting all the snow? Into the sea?