Monday, 15 February 2010

times past

'GET ON WITH IT!' mooed Bertha.

Captain Bill turned and herded towards where Bertha and Norma were standing.

He got VERY close to Bertha.

'Madame!' he hissed,'would you please keep your voice down. I am going as fast as I dare!'

'Well you're taking forever!' replied Bertha,'we've been standing about for days.'

'That's because, as you very well know, this is a life or death operation that simply cannot be rushed! said Captain Bill,'and I still say we should have drawn straws!'

'We did,' said Norma,'...15 times!'

'Best of 16?' suggested Captain Bill.

'I don't think it'd make a lot of difference,' replied Norma,'you came last in the first 15.'

'Fair point,' said Captain Bill.

'So would you please stop messing around and get on with it!' mooed Bertha.

'I can't,' replied Captain Bill.

'Why not?' asked Norma.

'It's that fish,' replied Captain Bill,'I just don't like the way it's looking at me, it's........aggressive!'

'Aggressive?' said Bertha.

'It's got a sort of evil eye,' replied Captain Bill,'it's very intimidating!'

At which point Bertha gave a very good example of what 'intimidating' could actually look like.

So Captain Bill turned once more and went back towards the huge tower of very wobbly water.

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Julia Mark said...

I like the cow island gallery at the bottom of this blog-and your blog ideas!