Monday, 29 March 2010


'Right,' said Captain Bill,'I've had a quick chat with Norma about parking...'

'Docking!' corrected Admiral Cholmondley Waldegrave St Clair.

'Docking,' agreed Captain Bill,'docking the Pickled Heifer and the good news is she's raring to go!'

The Admiral looked at Captain Bill.

'I don't think this is a job for Norma,' he said.

'OK!' replied Captain Bill,'I can see where you're going on this, possibly time to give Horace a go. I've been considering that myself.'

'Or Horace!' said the Admiral.

'Bertha?' asked Captain Bill,'it would mean changing people around a bit, never good for a crew that sort of thing.'

'Or Bertha!' said the Admiral.

'Cyril? Annie? Actually I think Geraldine's done it before!' mooed Captain Bill.

'You're the Captain,' replied the Admiral,'you're supposed to be able to do anything the crew can can steer the ship into the harbour and DOCK IT!

And Captain Bill went very, very pale!

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Cindy said...

Oh, that is a good one. People in higher positions sometimes don't know how to do the jobs under them. I think they should know all of it since there in command@ Cute drawings!