Tuesday, 16 March 2010


'Well don't mind if I do!' muttered Admiral Cholmondley Waldegrave St Clair.

'In or out? asked Cyril.

'In for me!' replied the Admiral and Cyril checked with everyone in turn and made them either 'in' or 'out' depending on what the person asked for.

'Well I must say,' added the Admiral,'very civilised, very civilised indeed and you actually have a whole day devoted to it. A very pleasant surprise!'

'You can say that again! said Captain Bill.

So for a while everybody stood happily drinking.

'Another?' asked Cyril and everybody said they would.

'Excellent!' mooed Captain Bill.

'And then afterwards we really must get around to seeing your ship,' said the Admiral.

And Captain Bill asked Cyril if he had a pint glass.

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baahar said...

nice plan :)

very civilised indeed ;)