Friday, 5 March 2010

Hammering home the message

'If, if you could just hold it up a bit at your end?' asked Norma and so Horace held the plank a bit higher and Norma put the first couple of nails in.

'Thank you,' she added,'now you were saying?'

'Yes,' said Horace,'well I thought if I found out where they lived and then kidnapped them...'

'KIDNAPPED THEM!' exclaimed Norma. 'Nails please!'

'Well borrowed them then,' replied Horace,'just for a short while and then...'

'Look,' interrupted Norma,'I know you get frustrated with not being able to find a publisher for your poetry but I don't think you can go around kidnapping people! Could you pass another plank up?'

So Horace passed another plank up.

'But I'm sure they never actually bother to read it,' he said,'I mean it stands to reason that they don't because if they did they'd publish it and I thought that if you did some of those little cakes and we made it a bit like a holiday for them.'

'But it's still kidnapping!' replied Norma. 'Hold this a moment will you.'

And Norma passed down the hammer.

'So let's have no more talk about that sort of thing,' she added,'I'm sure you'll get published one day. Now do me a favour and go and pick Annie up.'

So Horace went and picked Annie up and Norma made a note to have a good long chat with Horace when she actually had the time to spare.

Which probably wouldn't be any time soon!

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