Tuesday, 30 March 2010

harbouring problems

The Pickled Heifer lurched, jumped, bounced and weaved its way towards the entrance of Cow Island's harbour. Up on the aft deck a small group of concerned individuals waited to find out what the outcome would be.

'It's no good,'said Horace,'I can't open my eyes!'

'Oh! Pull yourself together man!' mooed Bertha,'he'll almost certainly make a mess off it.'

And the ship moved closer.

'Well at least Geraldine got him standing on this side of the wheel,'said Norma,'so he can see where the ship's going.'

'Did they notice her?' asked Horace.

'No, I don't think so' replied Norma,'there was still quite a bit of tree for her to hide under,' and Norma gave Geraldine a pat on the head as a thank you.

And the ship moved closer.

'Where are the others?' asked Norma,'they should be here to show support for Captain Bill.'

'Cyril's making himself a 17th breakfast,' replied Bertha.

'And Annie?'

'She's in the sea,' said Horace.

'Oh honestly!' exclaimed Bertha,'don't say she's fallen overboard again?'

'Actually no!' replied Horace,'I happened to mention that Captain Bill was steering and she jumped!'

'There's more to our Annie than meets the eye,' added Norma.

And the ship had got very, very close.

'Here comes the entrance!' called out Norma.

'DON'T HIT IT!' shouted Bertha.

And with that the Pickled Heifer jinked, shuddered, bounced twice......and shot through the entrance and safely into the harbour.

'HE'S DONE IT!' screamed Norma.

And Horace opened his eyes and Bertha fell over backwards.

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Anonymous said...

holy 17th breakfast, he did it!!!

[was geraldine looking thru binoculars, or just covering her eyes??!]