Wednesday, 24 March 2010


'And then Captain Eyepatch shouted at me!' mooed Annie,'but I don't see how it can be my fault if they put the sea that close to Mr Pickled Heifer.'

'Would you like me to sit on him?' enquired Cyril,'I'd be quite happy to!'

'Oh no!' replied Annie,'I was more worried about him, because sometimes when people shout too loudly their heads fall off!'

'Is that so?' said Cyril.

'I think so,' replied Annie,'although it is possible that was just something that happened in a dream. '

'Most of my dreams seem to be about food,' said Cyril.

'They're the best ones,' said Annie,'I may have to get you to lend me some.'

'And talking about such things,' said Cyril,'more tea?'

'Is there cake as well?' asked Annie.

'Indeed,' replied Cyril,'there's still a bit of very late 13th breakfast sponge or a brand new quite early morning light fruit cake.'

Annie thought for while...................

'A bit of both!' she said at last.

'A most excellent idea!' replied Cyril.

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Jeanette [Maisy] House said...

lol, annie and cyril really do make the perfect couple!