Monday, 22 March 2010

it's hammock time!


It's me!

There are lots of people onboard wearing hats....I like a hat, you can keep things in it. Most people keep their heads in one but you could use it to store other things like your ironing or a big statue.

Now you'll notice that I'm de-cotton wooled. Norma (my best friend) said that I if I did then I could spend some time just laying in my hammock and knitting..I like knitting as well. Maybe I should knit another hat?

Anyway Norma said I can stay here for as long as I like while the hat people are here....and there was something else..what was it? Oh yes! I should try not to fall overboard. I was to try to make a real effort not to fall staying in my hammock and not going near the edge of the ship...'nowhere near the edge of Mr Ship' she said because Captain Eyepatch wouldn't be very happy if I fell overboard.

So I'm just laying here........oooooooooooooh! That's a bit odd! How did I get that close? Ho hum!



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