Wednesday, 17 March 2010

modern ship design solutions

Admiral Cholmondley Waldegrave St Clair stood open mouthed.

For quite a while!

'But,' he said at last,'but the mast appears to be just some sort of tree!'

'Of course it is!' replied Captain Bill,'I mean think of the advantages!'

'It's very good for the environment!' said Norma.

'And if the crews hungry and let's face it with Cyril on board that's always going to be true, well then there's something to nibble,' replied Captain Bill.

'And if you're sailing at Christmas, throw up a few lights and ta da!' added Norma with a smile.

'And the sail,' continued the Admiral,''s a knitted jumper!'

Annie herded forward until she was just in front of the Admiral.

'The Shrimps made it!' she mooed and then herded back to where she had been standing before.

'So if you want a bit more sail you just put out an arm,' said Norma.

'Very useful if you're turning!' added Captain Bill.

'And it helps to keep the crew warm!' called out Bertha.

'Oh yes!' said Captain Bill,'we run a very progressive ship. I'd be very surprised if these ideas don't get taken up on a wider scale. Give it 6 months and you won't be able to move around a harbour for knitted sails and living tree masts!'

And Admiral Cholmondley Waldegrave St Clair took just one more sip from his pink gin.


Bigbluebed said...

This knitting shrimp says 'Sounds like a good design idea to me!'

Sarah Knight said...

: )

baahar said...

*lol* progressive ship .. hilarious again

Thought Bubble Ten said...

I love the 'pink gin' - it just tickles the imagination :). Your artwork is so pleasing too.