Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A plan explained

Hello everyone, Norma here.

Well everything is now in full swing for Operation Try Not To Make A Mess Of It....I do think we need to put a bit more effort into these plan names but at the moment there just isn't time.

Bertha is taking all the warped planks of wood off the ship and Captain Bill is arranging them into a neat pile. Bertha has got an idea about how to get them straight again...which for some reason involves me making lots of little cakes!?! More of that tomorrow.

Cyril has nipped off to do 'something' not sure what though and Horace and Annie are down on the list to help me. To be honest I am a bit worried about her ladyship. The cotton wool is not a bad idea but she ends up with not being able to see where she's going!

Right, well that's enough for me, I need to go and place my hooves on a nice big hammer. If you're passing and could spare an hour you'd be most welcome to come and join in.

Take care


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gretchenmist said...

your blog + work is so sweet :)