Tuesday, 23 March 2010

someone needs rescuing

'There!' mooed Captain Bill,'there did you see that?'

'Not really!' replied Admiral Cholmondley Waldegrave St Clair.

'Well hang on then,' said Captain Bill,'I'll get Norma to throw her back in. You don't get to see a rescue like that every day! Well at least YOU don't'

'Throw her back in again?' exclaimed the Admiral.

'She won't mind,' said Captain Bill,'honestly, she's used to it!'

'But why does she keep falling in?' asked the Admiral who had moved to the side of Captain Bill to get a better look at Annie being hauled up the side of the ship.

'Search me!' replied Captain Bill,'let's be honest, between you and me, there's one in every crew. Although a quick look through my lot and I can't help feeling that there's a couple of captains out there who've got away with having none at all!

'But can't you do something about her?' said the Admiral.

'To be honest I gave up years ago,' replied Captain Bill,' if it hadn't been for Bertha giving her that long term contract...'

'I DID NO SUCH THING!' shouted Bertha.

'But surely you could do something,' said the Admiral,'after all you're in charge here.'

And for a while Captain Bill thought.

'Glue her hooves to the deck?' he said at last.

And the Admiral indicated to the Lieutenant that he should write something down.

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