Tuesday, 9 March 2010

There were these tree fellers

'Ow!' said Horace,'Ow! Ow! Ow!'

'CYRIL!' mooed Bertha.

And for a while the little group herded along in silence.

Until finally they arrived at the group of very tall trees.

'What about that one?' suggested Cyril.

'Not tall enough,' replied Bertha,'but that one over there will do. I'll go first!'

And Bertha took the axe from Cyril and tried a few swings.

'Erm!' coughed Cyril,'aren't you forgetting something?'

'I am NOT doing that!' replied Bertha.

'But you promised,' said Cyril very seriously.

'And we promised Annie that we'd make sure you kept your promise,' added Horace.

Bertha sighed and then turned towards the tree.

'Dear Mr Tree,' she began,'do you mind if we chop you down and use you to help mend Mr Pickled Heifer? No? Right, on we go!'

'Hang on!' said Cyril and he turned towards Horace,'did you hear something? I thought I heard something!'

'I think I might have,' replied Horace,'I really think I might have.'

'You'd better ask again,' said Cyril,'just to be sure.'

Bertha moved a bit closer towards Cyril.

'Don't push it!' she said.

'Just trying to help.' replied Cyril and Horace stifled a giggle.

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