Thursday, 18 March 2010

welcome to my new place of work

Hello all, do make yourselves comfortable.

I just thought you might like a little time away from everything that's going on on deck.

So welcome to my new home. I'm sure we'll get it looking a bit better when time allows, but for the moment, rough and ready is the order of the day! Although I have added a couple of pots of spring flowers to brighten the place up a bit and they save me having to pop back down for a snack!

As you'll also see I've taken the top out of the mast. That's more for safety reasons as I couldn't see anything! Which sort of defeated the object of being up here!

Anyway, I hope that things are good where you are. Do remember to sit up straight when you're working and at some point during the day make a little time for yourself!



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