Tuesday, 13 April 2010

All booked up!

Norma and Captain Bill arrived at the library. For some reason Bertha was still wearing her safety goggles?

'Good morning!' said Norma.

'Morning!' replied Bertha,'will you be long? Only I'm in the middle of a bit of sculpture.'

'I noticed you were still wearing your safety goggles,' said Norma.

'Well you never know when a sharp object might fly through the air,' replied Bertha and she smiled at Captain Bill.

'We'll try to be as quick as we can,' said Norma,'we just wondered whether you might have some books that would help Captain Bill?'

Bertha agreed to have a rummage.

'This one's new!' she said, holding up a thin blue hard backed book. 'It's about understanding fortified wine. It's called 'Know your PORT!'.'

'And you have to shout the last word do you?' asked Norma.

'I like to!' replied Bertha.

'I don't think that one's for us,' said Norma.

So Bertha had another look.

'This one got WASHED UP a while ago,' she said, 'it's a management guide.'

'That sounds a bit more like it!' said Norma.

'It's about how to assemble a top group of advisers,' continued Bertha,'it's called 'How to recognise your STAR BOARD'.'

'What a surprise!' mooed Norma,'perhaps we'll just have a look for ourselves?'

'Suit yourselves!' said Bertha.'Have you got your cards?'

So Captain Bill went off to get his card while Norma had a good look through the books and Bertha popped off back to the quarry to hit things.


bungaloe said...

you are amazingly talented, great illustrations!

Steven Allender said...

Thank you! : )

Orgo Cosmetics said...

I love the illustrations! So sweet :)