Thursday, 29 April 2010

All working together

'Careful!' called out Cyril,'I almost spilt my drink!'

'Sorry,' replied Horace,'but you don't think perhaps you could lend a hoof for a while?'

'But you're forgetting I already have,' said Cyril.

Horace looked puzzled.

'I supplied the wheels,' said Cyril,'I mean think how much more trouble it would be hauling the boat along if it wasn't on wheels!'

Horace agreed that this was true.

'But if you got out of it it would be easier still,' he added.

Cyril looked over the edge of the Mootilus and considered Horace's request.

'So you want me to walk?' he asked.

'Erm, I suppose so,' replied Horace,'it wouldn't be far.'

Cyril thought a bit more.

'That would mean moving my legs' he pointed out,'I could end up losing weight!'.

'Oh yes!' replied Horace,'I hadn't thought of that!'

So Horace went on pulling the Mootilus and Cyril very kindly gave encouragement....

...and everyone was happy...

...except Horace.

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Anonymous said...

Loved this! Keep it coming!