Thursday, 22 April 2010

Almost Deaded!

'S'OK,' gasped Captain Bill,'you go on...leave me....I'll just lay here and nibble some bits of grass until I won't be long now!'

'Oh, don't talk such rubbish!' replied Bertha,'we've not even got around the Island once yet!'

'Once!' mooed Captain Bill,'Once! You mean you want to go around more than once?'

'I was thinking at least twice,' replied Bertha and Captain Bill moaned.

'Not possible!' he said,'I'll have no hooves left by then.'

'Nonsense!' exclaimed Bertha,'now are you getting up or do I have to go and find a pointy stick?'

'Why do you hate me so?' asked Captain Bill.

And Bertha reached up and took a large roll of paper that she had hidden in the sweat band that was around her horn.

'Oh, you didn't have to make a list!' said Captain Bill, but it was too late.

'One,' began Bertha,'you give up too easily. Two, you pretend to know things you don't. Three, ....'

But by then Captain Bill had stood up and started to run....very, very slowly.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Bill!